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Hammerfest 2018, 15.-17.03. Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park Wales, UK

Hammerfest 2018- 10th anniversary edition took place at HRH camp in Wales between 15th and 17th March 2018 and featured in the 2 and half days on 3 stages over 40 bands.

Day one was festival pre-party with four bands taking the stage: Grimner, Feed The Rhino, Anaal Nathrakh and Thyrfing.

Friday- first main day of the party was gathering crowds to see Heretic Order, OHHMS, Blaze Baley, Obscura, Sepultura just few to mention.

Day two had names like Deadly Circus Fire, Blood Red Throne, Sumo Cyco, Gloryhammer, Skindred on the list amongst many others.

All Photos © Arta Gailuma. Do not use the photos without my permission.

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