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Hammerfest 2019, Presthaven Beach Resort Wales, UK

Hammerfest's 11th edition was taking place on 21-23 March 2019 at Presthaven Beack Resort in Wales, UK, a temporary location before moving HRH Camp to other side of the country to Great Yarmouth and featured in the 2 and half days on 2 stages over 40 bands.

Thursday's headliner and night's highlight was Paradise Lost. Considered by some as one of the pioneers of death- doom and gothic genres, this band is looked upon by many, they have influenced many younger artists and gathered near cult like fan following across the globe.

And, no surprise there, the room was fully packed with fans eagerly waiting to see what menu they would get served by this Halifax, UK quintet. The more than an hour and half long set tonight contained pieces from nearly whole band's discography and went down greatly with audience. The fans were screaming, singing along, moshing... over 30 years into their career, Paradise Lost seems to be going stronger than ever, creatively and as a live band.

On Friday headlining duty went to American thrash metal legends Overkill. Who could tell that in 2020 this band will be celebrating 40 year anniversary! And they have been around this long for a reason.

There was a sea of pumping fists and devil horns and in the middle of the room a whole bunch of shirtless, tattooed, sweaty blokes were taking over the ever expanding moshpit.

"I don't speak Welsh dialect, my English is not very good, but my sign language is excellent!"- Bobby shouted out showing the middle finger and tonight's set was finished with The Subhumans cover and everyone's favourite "Fuck You".

The weekend on the main stage was closed by Kamelot. Guest vocalist Lauren Hart (Once Human) did join the band on the powerful opening number "Phantom Divine" and few other songs during the set. Tommy Kareivik, who has been Kamelot's frontman since 2012 was brilliant on commanding the crowd even if they did not need any encouragement in singing along.

Kamelot did put on an amazing show tonight and even the power metal sceptics couldn't help loving it- if not for the music than for band's stage presence and visuals.

Day 1

The Heretic Order

Kill II This


Paradise Lost

Day 2 Main Stage


King Creature

Fire Red Empress


Cellar Darling


Floatsam and Jetsam


Day 2 Stage 2


Desert Storm


Boss Keloid

Ten Ton Slug


Arkham Witch

Master Charger

Reign of Fury



Ward XVI

Iron Seawolf


Day 3 Main Stage

Winter Storm


Black Moth





Day 3 Stage 2


The Injester

I saw the World Burn

Ashen Crown

Divine Chaos


Sworn Amongst



Old Corpse Road

Heathen Deity



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