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Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 02.-04.05.2019 Kopervik, Norway

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2019 was held on 2-4 May in Kopervik, at the island of Karmøy on west coast of Norway. Three days, two stages, over 30 bands, an indoor and outdoor space to have a drink, food and chill, heavy metal market... This year's edition was dogged by a string of bad luck- starting with accommodation problems on the hotel boat M/S Sandnes where many festival goers had their room booked, followed by SAS strike, however all issues were sorted by the hard working management team and only one band chose to cancel... no wonder Karmøygeddon has grown over the years into a highly reputable event.

While strong winds were blowing outside, Karmøygeddon's day one had only the small Scandic stage in use located at the deep end of a pub/bar overlooking the marina. The evening ended with Norwegian heavy metallers Chrome Division taking the stage. The band was formed by Shagrath, the front man of Dimmu Borgir as a side project and did release in 2018 their fifth and final album One Last Ride. With Eddie Guz from The Carburetors on vocals this group has quite a different musical style. On a fast and raw rock' n roll note the evening had a great finish.

Friday's headliners Finnish heavy metallers Wintersun, celebrating with this summer's shows 15 year anniversary since the release of their self titled debut album and were playing it tonight from start to finish. Band has announced, they would be taking a break after this tour and focus on writing new material which means the handful of shows this summer might be the last chance to hear some of the old tracks live. The stage for the most part of the set was sinking in deep blue dim with some bright white light beams wondering around to suit the overall Wintersun theme; the band members were bedazzling the audience with their musicianship and the fans were absolutely loving it.

There was no space left in the tent to drop a needle, so rammed it was, when the time was for Norwegian symphonic black metal powerhouse Dimmu Borgir to take the stage on Saturday night. The further standing ones were trying to find a good spot to see even a glimpse of the show and in the VIP area people were standing on the tables. Us, photographers, were not allowed into the pit due to fire and CO2 display and we ended up amongst others trying to find a better vantage point. Dimmu's setlist consisted of pieces from their whole discography, but, of course, with emphasis to bands latest album Eonian, their first after eight years. The members of the band came on stage dressed in monk like hoods shrouded in darkness and smoke and then things kicked off with "The Unveiling", the leading track from Eonian. It was impossible not to enjoy the powerful Dimmu Borgir's music and the majestic grandeur of their stage presence and especially for someone, who hasn't seen them live before, the show was quite an experience. That was an absolutely perfect ending of Karmøygeddon 2019!

Day 1 Scandic Stage


Mors Subita


Iron Saviour

Shade Empire



Chrome Division

Day2 Gassco Stage





Frog Leap

Cradle Of Filth


Day 2 Scandic Stage








Day3 Gassco Stage

Audrey Horne

Orden Organ





Dimmu Borgir

Day 3 Scandic Stage



Backstreet Girls




Iron Made'em

I do have to thank here to Johnny Angelund and his crew for organizing yet another brilliant edition of Karmøygeddon, for making sure everything is running smoothly and letting us experience the festival grow stronger and bigger. Very excited to see what they will unveil for next year's festival.

Metalheads, get these dates in your calendars: Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2020 will be taking place on April 30th- May 2nd. Tickets for next year's edition will be available from Monday, June 3rd 2019 and first wave of bands will be announced on Thursday, June 6th 2019.

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